Insurance Claims

We work with every major and minor insurance provider, provide you with your free estimate and handle your claim from start to finish and guarantee all structural and body repair.

Beverly La Brea  Auto Body acts as your liaison with your insurance provider, saving you time.

We believe that our customers have already been through a lot – and that’s the basis of our emphasis on efficiency and speed.

Step 1:

  • Beverly La Brea Auto Body will arrange for a tow service.

Step 2:

  • Beverly La Brea Auto Body will contact your insurance company or the insurance company of the other party, ensuring that the claim is being filed properly.

Step 3:

  • In the event that your insurance policy includes rental coverage, we set you up with a rental car that is paid for by your insurance provider.

Step 4:

  • We will set up an appointment with an appraiser from the insurance company, going over the damage together and reaching an agreement pertaining to coverage.

Step 5:

  • Our experts make sure that the insurance company appraiser agrees to pay for the full extent of repairs and parts needed to replace those damaged in your vehicle. Our aim is to guarantee the safety and reliability of your vehicle, and return it to its original condition. Ensuring that the insurance provider cooperates in a timely manner and that your claim will be covered in full.
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