Repair Process

Our professional, highly-skilled technicians implement the latest methods, technologies and best quality parts to repair your car to the original manufacturer’s specification to make sure your vehicle is repaired safely.

Step 1:

  • Disassembly – Most repairs have hidden damages that cannot be seen unless the vehicle has been torn down. When hidden damages are found, the insurance companies will have to re-inspect your car to see the additional damage, resulting in a supplement. If needed, more parts will be ordered.

Step 2:

  • Create a repair plan and order parts – Parts are ordered for your car and availability is checked.  Depending on the type of car, special orders may result in delays. 

Step 3:

  • Repair – Conduct a structural and body repair.

Step 4:

  • Paint – Refinish and paint.

Step 5:

  • Quality Control – Conduct a quality control inspections.

Step 6:

  • Delivery – Clean up, wash and vacuum, finalize paperwork and arrange with customer for delivery.